Introducing the Fully-Loaded, Premium Dry Waist Pack

With the Fully-Loaded, Premium Dry Waist Pack from Rigged and Ready, you’ll have everything you need to hit the water and start catching fish on Day 1.

Now, you’re probably thinking “How is that possible?” “Fly fishing is far too complicated to catch a fish on my first try…”

Well, your fears are not un-founded.

Most people think it’s too difficult… too time-consuming… and too expensive to get into fly fishing - and for good reason.

First, without the slightest clue on where to begin, you hit the closest outfitter you can find. The guys behind the counter have been doing this for years, and while they’re nice and extremely helpful, the whole new world of lingo makes your head spin, and you haven’t the first idea of what you actually need just to get started vs. what you’ll grow into down the road.

Of course, there’s also the steep equipment cost that's hard to stomach… and in a fast-growing industry full of new technologies, methods, and gear, it’s easy to overspend on stuff you’ll either outgrow in a few short months, or you simply don’t need at all.

And it’s just as easy to wind up on the water with mis-matched accessories that leave you looking and feeling confused while the guys just up the river are bagging a big, beautiful 15-20” fish every 15 minutes.

Because after you have the right gear, there’s the actual fishing part, of course. How do you tie all of these different knots? How do the different flies work? What hatches are they imitating? What is tippet? What are the different casting techniques? What’s the best way to handle fish? How do you read the water? How do I even find a fish in the first place?

We partnered with the top brands in the industry to deliver a solution that's built to last.

We had the same problems when we were starting out (everyone does), and we wanted to develop a solution to make it as easy as possible to get on the water and start fishing.

With Rigged and Ready, you'll be armed with some of the best gear on the market and the knowledge you need to have the best chance for success on your first day - and look good doing it.

That’s why we’ve partnered Filson, Hardy, Greys, and Brodin to deliver a Fully-Loaded, Premium Dry Waist Pack, combined with both top of the line and entry level rod and reel combos and a hand-made net to boot.

We put the best bag around your waist and the best rod in your hand. Period.

Decades of experience combined into one simple package.

Our fly fishing journey started over 30 years ago in the mountains of Western North Carolina. In more than three decades, we have fished on tiny mountain streams, Gold Medal water, high alpine lakes, you name it - from the East Coast to Montana and Colorado… from Sydney Harbour to South America… and everywhere in between.

We’ve used our years of experience to assemble the Fully-Loaded, Premium Dry Waist pack with flies and gear that works anywhere for anyone. Everything in our bag has been rigorously tested with thousands of different variables, and these are the same tools we use when we’re on the water - no matter the weather, method, target species, state, continent, or anything else. Along with this time-tested gear, we also include all of the basic training and information that you need to actually catch a fish, explaining each fly, each piece of gear, and each knot from beginning to end.

So whether you’re nymphing for native brookies on a tiny mountain stream, streamer-fishing for big predator browns in the pouring rain, or dry-fly fishing to rising rainbows on championship water on a perfect Montana day, you’ll have the right tools for the job.

You’ll be so prepared, even the veterans just downstream will be jealous of your set up, asking you what rig you’re using.

You’ll be Rigged and Ready.

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